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Gabrielle Espiegle is a college educated woman of regality, passion and an inquisitive mind who stands at the height of 5’10 with a Junoesque figure, cocoa colored skin and coffee-colored eyes. For those of you daring enough to book with me be ready for a sensuous journey of undeniable chemistry, euphoric experience, and unforgettable memories, so you can expect to find yourself in the presence of someone who is adventurous and would revel in our time together. The objective of the date is to alleviate stress, be your sexy confidante, entice you and establish a new connection and make you comfortable. I am a companion who relishes in our time together, it is fair for you to expect our date to be able to step out of reality and an ambience of ease, close encounters and flirtation.

             I am a passport ready beauty and speak French and Japanese, and I am known to some as Gulliver to some because of my knack for traveling different cultures, am trilingual, and my bucket list so let’s ride elephants, learn to Viennese Waltz, play blackjack in Monte Carlo, or meet my favorite animal, the Quokka, in Australia. If you are looking for a lady who is comfortable at a formal event and can let her hair down at a football game and laugh at a comedy club, or even a more personal gathering I may be the lady for you. I am an ambitious, goal oriented young lady who strives to be the perfect girlfriend by providing sensuality, a genuine personality and an interest in you. Let’s find that spark you thought you lost…


Venez a moi,


Gabrielle Espiegle